I’m Kelsey Flanagan. I am a Nutrtion & Lifestyle Coach.


My vision is to lead people to their aspiring healthy lifestyle through a balanced nutrition and lifestyle habits

Fitness Happy Nutrition is to help people find something that works for them. It very common when you meet your goal to resort back to old habits— why? I believe it because we didn’t replace those bad habit with better ones. I want to help people do this. Join us on our mission!

Fun facts:

I live in New Braunfels, Texas with my Goldendoodle “Murph” and Persian cat “Gofer”

My favorite indulgence is a Gourmet Burger and I could eat salmon for every meal

I am a gemini (NO DOUBT) My mom and I share the same birthday- She’s the wind beneath my wings

I am the happiest when I am surrounded by people I love

I am an upholder

I travel every 3 months: San Fransisco is my favorite place to visit

The best time of day is the morning- Its your chance to do anything you want

I enjoying reading, walking, and podcasting



Kelsey Flanagan
Eat well. Live well. Sleep well. Feel well.