I’m Kelsey Flanagan. I live in New Braunfels, Texas with my Goldendoodle Murph, and cat Gofer. If you have a passion for fitness, spending time geeking out on nutrition, delicious food, enjoy taking care of yourself, or simply want to learn more about each you’ll feel right at home here. I coach to inspire, lead and entertain others who endure to make themselves better and live a long happy life. My approach in life is all in or nothing; as that goes for my coaching. They say your life is your message how do you live it? Well I decided I wanted to make my message available to others around the world. As a result I started this journey in January 2016 , my goal is to help at least one person a day.  This world is big and bad but I’m here to help you feel, look, and get good at life.


Precision Nutrition Coach

Crossfire Level 2 Trainer

B.A in Sales Marketing

Kelsey Flanagan