One Year Anniversary- May 7th, 2015

We want change and talk about it but we don’t make the adjustment. I haven’t shared my fitness journey with anyone on how it all got started other than a few bits and pieces here and there when people ask. Some may be interested some may not. But the one person that is I just may inspire, motivate, or adjust their life just by sharing my story. It is well worth helping others. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

May 7th, 2015 I made the adjustment.


Why? My thoughts for many years about myself were unhealthy and made me hate my body whether it showed or not I became unhappy with the way I looked, and felt. I have struggled with body image since I could remember. Shopping trips consisted of my crying because of the way I looked, I would decide on whether or not I would go out with friends based on if I felt”skinny” in the morning. I look back on this and think how could I be this way? This isn’t the girl I was raised to be nor want to be.

This may all seem shallow but for most women we struggle with this everyday or at least have one time in our lives. It’s exhausting. Am I right? We hustle to find validation in numbers to satisfy our happiness. At least I did that for many years.

I remember the moment very vividly when I just had enough.

May 7th, 2015- Ah Ha Moment

I worked hard for about 36months following a “clean” diet, saying no to nights out with friends, CrossFit by morning, sprints by night, and eating salmon and Brussel sprouts for days. I did this thinking it would make me happy when I saw the number on the scale i’ve been wanting. The day came to get those numbers tested; I listened to a guy break down my “numbers” and tell me what I needed to change after a body fat analytics dunk test. I walked out crying, frustrated, unsatisfied, and overwhelmed.

Started at 156 pounds 23% Body fat to 153 pounds 21% body fat within 6 months. These aren’t bad numbers. In fact those numbers sit in the category of “healthy”. So why were my emotions negative? I lost weight, ate healthy(at least I thought), worked out everyday.. but that wasn’t enough.

At that moment I realized the scale doesn’t tell my story. Searching for validation in numbers won’t make me happy like I thought. I tell my story. I make myself happy.

Within 365 days I’ve gained and lost a couple of things.

Before: Pictures                   After: Still a work in progress


May 7th, 2016

Gained confidence, happiness, knowledge, and motivation to name a few. Lost 18 pounds, 13-15% body fat, stress, and the unhealthy relationship with myself.  It goes well beyond the numbers. Shifting my focus was the real game changer for me. My goal now is to focus on happy fitness. By doing so I accomplished a number of things without the stress and agony I put on myself the prior year of focusing on the numbers on the scale.

Happy Fitness: Train with the mindset of joy, gratitude, and happiness in order to achieve happy health and wellness

Reflecting back on the past year I now understand why May 7th, 2015 happened. To think the last year has been easy is a bold statement. Its taken a lot of discipline, help from my peers, and trial and error—From different diets, training and routines I think I’ve found my niche for now. I’ll save my nutrition, training, and routine regime for another post.

Stay tuned 😉

After all, I am a work in progress. God isn’t finished with me yet.I search for validation in him; not others or numbers.

Psalms 138 14-15

The number on the scale won’t help you live a happy life, find your husband, make you a better friend, nor land your dream job.

You do you.



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