Bev came to me looking to loose some weight, increase energy levels, be able to bend down and not loose her breath, and keep snoring to a minimum. This really resonated with me and gave me a sense of direction on how I can coach her hand in hand to reach her goals.


Lets hear from Bev.

June 1st- October 13th

I had a partial hysterectomy in 2010 and since then have done nothing but gain weight. I have tried everything to lose but never had much success.
At 56 years old, I realized that I had to do something because I could tell that I was starting to have issues with my health. I was getting short of breath very easily, even just to bend over and get something off of the floor gave me shortness of breath. I felt like I was starting to get what I assumed was gout in my left big toe area. I started snoring really bad and my husband had to move to a different bedroom to get sleep. Not only was I snoring but I was waking up from a dead sleep with what I thought might be sleep apnea.
I am 5’9″ so I carry my weight well but I had never been as heavy as I was in May 2016. It was time to take action.
My daughters best friend, Kelsey is a CrossFit Level Two Trainer. I had tried CrossFit before but it was just too difficult. I knew Kelsey well from all of the years of sports in school. She is very competitive and likes to win. I wanted to win too!! I talked to her about training me but was not sure that I could do cross-fit. I was in terrible shape, I can’t run and I’m 56!
She said she knew she could help me lose the weight I wanted to lose so I decided to give it a try.
I started training with Kelsey in June. She started me on a clean diet and when I wasn’t losing like I wanted or when I hit a plateau, she adjusted it for me. She is also a certified nutritionist. I am doing CrossFit but it’s a modified version, still very difficult/challenging but working. What I really like about Kelsey is that she pays a lot of attention to form and making sure I am doing the exercise correctly. That’s important to protect from injury and also get the most benefit. She also mixes it up and challenges me every session. When I don’t think I can go anymore, she encourages me to finish the task at hand.
When nothing else worked, this is working and I am now down 20 pounds since June 1. All of the symptoms I was experiencing like shout beds of breath, gout, snoring, etc…are gone! I look forward to my sessions with Kelsey because I know each time I go and bust my butt, I am that much closer to my 35 pound goal. I am training with Kelsey 3 days a week and walk at home 3 other days a week. On days that we can’t meet, Kelsey sends me a home work out that’s just as challenging as being in the gym.
I am excited about my weight loss so far. People are starting to notice and my clothes actually fit me right again. Thanks to Kelsey, I am on the right track once again.


Are you ready??

Kelsey Flanagan

Level One Precision Nutrition Coach

CrossFit Level – Two Trainer

Inside Tracker





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