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As the media floods all the platforms with “How to loose 10 pounds in 5 days”2018 weight loss plan” “Free membership offers” “#1 fat loss tips for 2018.”

I thought I’d shed some light on a topic that isn’t so sexy.. something I like to do often. 😉


I promise I won’t bore you to death.

Now you may be thinking how can SLEEP do these things for me??

I’ve counted calories, Ive done paleo, Ive done weight watchers, I even used to fast and do juice cleanses and detoxes…I thought you were going to give me the answer to my weight loss struggle! NOPE. I’ve got something better for you…

Let me ask you: How is your *insert diet* working for you now?

If not so good thats okay, maybe you just weren’t ready or willing to do that kinda of lifestyle change yet.

Trust me on this… Sleep can be sexy. Sleep can make you sexy…Sleep can work wonders for you!

Sleep quality (or lack thereof) is heavily influenced by our diet, exercise, stress levels and many other lifestyle factors.

What if you focused on getting good quality sleep and this happened….
Your motivation to exercise was higher.
You had less stress at work because you were able to get more done.
You didn’t loose your temper as fast with your children.
You wanted to eat healthier without having the “willpower.”
You and your singicant other had more energy for each other.
Your immune system was more resilient.
You burned fat easier.

Are you with me?

Benefits of sleep

Sharper focus and energy throughout the day
Increased amount of motivation
Decreased cortisol levels
Happier and healthier mind
Stronger immune system
Better decision making


Sleep Strategies:

Get more sunlight during the day: Walks/runs outside, eating in the sunshine, windows down..etc
Have a caffeine curfew: Having a cup of coffee or caffeinated tea even as much as 6 hrs before bed can cause sleep troubles. Nothing good happens past noon they say 😉
Be cool or hot? Studies have found that the optimal room temp for sleep is really quite cool at around 60-69F. Experiment and see what works best for you.
Black out or bust:  Blackout CurtainsWe sleep better in a dark environment, yet so many people aren’t taking full advantage of this. Sleep experts suggest that your room be so dark that you can see your hand in front of your face. Get yourself some of the now popular “blackout” curtains from most retailers or link above.
Avoid screens 1-2 hrs before bed :Blue LightingCutting out some screen time at night is likely the #1 thing you can do to improve your sleep quality IMMEDIATELY!
Mighty Magnesium : Supplementation can be helpful in small amount for a starter. It helps to balance blood sugar, optimize circulation, relax tense muscles, reduce pain and calm the nervous system. *Also found at HEB Natural Calm
All aboard the smart train: The secret is out: Your body is transformed from your workout while your sleep. This is when your body releases large amounts of beneficial hormones and repairs programs to build you up better than before. CHOOO-CHOOO
Feed the beast: Eating a balanced days worth of food can be more important that you realize. Yes your breakfast may be impacting your sleep. Focus on having a lean protein + smart carb + essential fats + veggies at each meal. Breakfast: Egg scramble w/veggies + 1 cup cooked oats w/mixed nuts.
Calm your inner mind: Hop into bed and think about the when, where, why, what, and everything you need to do? NORMAL. We need to learn to turn the volume down when we want to. Ill share with you this practice—Meditation: It doesn’t have to be complicated, just a brain training. No need to sit cross legged, or eyes closed, nor do you have to say a mantra— Follow your breath for 2 mins to start and see where it takes you in the coming days. APP: Heartmath or Headspace
Facebook friends don’t need to sleep with you: Get your electronics our of your bedroom. If the benefits of sleep are important to you you’ll do this, if being healthy and not creating a body for chronic disease is important to you—you’ll do this!


This is a tool, use it as you please. If you’ve tried something in the past and it didn’t work don’t give up…Listed above are many options to experiment with 🙂

Happy healthy new year!


Kelsey Flanagan

Eat well. Live well. Sleep well. Feel well.


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