Stories From The Box: Why

“My journey has been my motivation. After being physically and mentally challenged I thank God everyday that I am able to walk and do the things I do.” – Karen Dudley


My New Journey-

Graduated from Texas State University 4 months ago with a B.B.A in Marketing concentration in Sales. I said would never go back. Still holds true, I am very happy with my career right now. Who wouldn’t enjoy working alongside your best friend(momma bear), coaching motivated individuals looking to improve their health and well being, and living in a beautiful town on the river. I am happy but I want more. I love to learn and stay busy so this opportunity will take care of that.

Let the journey begin—————Again

I have enrolled in an online nutrition program through Precision Nutrition Level One Certification Program. The certification teaches the new breed of fitness professionals the art and science of nutrition coaching. I’ve always been intrigued by nutrition and how it affects performance and your quality of life. Over the past two years I’ve dialed in my nutrition and tried a few methods/diets/fads/and supplements. What I’ve learned through that process is the most effective program and plan you can follow is the one that works for you. Oh and consistency. What can you attain and sustain? Are you willing to change?

I debated whether or not this is right for me, will it be worth it, can I keep up with it, and is it truly needed? In all honesty there is no right way in the fitness industry. It’s about just doing it. After research, praying, and asking myself in 5 years will I wish I did? After all,  I enrolled and I am very excited to see where the wind blows me. Diversifying myself as a CrossFit coach and soon to be a nutrition coach will only benefit myself and others. At 21 years young I’ve got the world ahead of me and the support behind me so I’m stepping out of the waiting room and following a passion I have for helping others through an array of ways which include health and fitness.

Nutrition is where people 1) need the most help and 2) will see the greatest results.

The fitness industry is still young…and so are you. Step out of the waiting room and into the office of your dreams.

Wisdom words of stepping out of the waiting room—

  • If you’ve got the energy, the drive, and the interest to do this work, you can eventually do it… no matter what you’re doing as a career now.
  • There is no one “right” path to success. In fact, there may never be. And I kinda like it that way. It means that possibilities are infinite. 
  • It means that you can find the path that suits you. The path that matches your experience, personality, character, and principles.
  • You can create your own unique path to the dream job you want.

Stay tuned for your details and more exciting news to come! If your interested in talking nutrition and learning about my experience with food/diets/supplements. Contact me through email/Facebook/Instagram. I’d love to help 🙂

Kelsey Flanagan (kflan523)

Whatever you are, Be a good one.