“I have tried everything to lose but never had much success.”

Bev came to me looking to loose some weight, increase energy levels, be able to bend down and not loose her breath, and keep snoring to a minimum. This really resonated with me and gave me a sense of direction on how I can coach her hand in hand to reach her goals.


Lets hear from Bev.

June 1st- October 13th

I had a partial hysterectomy in 2010 and since then have done nothing but gain weight. I have tried everything to lose but never had much success.
At 56 years old, I realized that I had to do something because I could tell that I was starting to have issues with my health. I was getting short of breath very easily, even just to bend over and get something off of the floor gave me shortness of breath. I felt like I was starting to get what I assumed was gout in my left big toe area. I started snoring really bad and my husband had to move to a different bedroom to get sleep. Not only was I snoring but I was waking up from a dead sleep with what I thought might be sleep apnea.
I am 5’9″ so I carry my weight well but I had never been as heavy as I was in May 2016. It was time to take action.
My daughters best friend, Kelsey is a CrossFit Level Two Trainer. I had tried CrossFit before but it was just too difficult. I knew Kelsey well from all of the years of sports in school. She is very competitive and likes to win. I wanted to win too!! I talked to her about training me but was not sure that I could do cross-fit. I was in terrible shape, I can’t run and I’m 56!
She said she knew she could help me lose the weight I wanted to lose so I decided to give it a try.
I started training with Kelsey in June. She started me on a clean diet and when I wasn’t losing like I wanted or when I hit a plateau, she adjusted it for me. She is also a certified nutritionist. I am doing CrossFit but it’s a modified version, still very difficult/challenging but working. What I really like about Kelsey is that she pays a lot of attention to form and making sure I am doing the exercise correctly. That’s important to protect from injury and also get the most benefit. She also mixes it up and challenges me every session. When I don’t think I can go anymore, she encourages me to finish the task at hand.
When nothing else worked, this is working and I am now down 20 pounds since June 1. All of the symptoms I was experiencing like shout beds of breath, gout, snoring, etc…are gone! I look forward to my sessions with Kelsey because I know each time I go and bust my butt, I am that much closer to my 35 pound goal. I am training with Kelsey 3 days a week and walk at home 3 other days a week. On days that we can’t meet, Kelsey sends me a home work out that’s just as challenging as being in the gym.
I am excited about my weight loss so far. People are starting to notice and my clothes actually fit me right again. Thanks to Kelsey, I am on the right track once again.


Are you ready??


Kelsey Flanagan

Level One Precision Nutrition Coach

CrossFit Level – Two Trainer

Inside Tracker





One Year Anniversary- May 7th, 2015

We want change and talk about it but we don’t make the adjustment. I haven’t shared my fitness journey with anyone on how it all got started other than a few bits and pieces here and there when people ask. Some may be interested some may not. But the one person that is I just may inspire, motivate, or adjust their life just by sharing my story. It is well worth helping others. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

May 7th, 2015 I made the adjustment.


Why? My thoughts for many years about myself were unhealthy and made me hate my body whether it showed or not I became unhappy with the way I looked, and felt. I have struggled with body image since I could remember. Shopping trips consisted of my crying because of the way I looked, I would decide on whether or not I would go out with friends based on if I felt”skinny” in the morning. I look back on this and think how could I be this way? This isn’t the girl I was raised to be nor want to be.

This may all seem shallow but for most women we struggle with this everyday or at least have one time in our lives. It’s exhausting. Am I right? We hustle to find validation in numbers to satisfy our happiness. At least I did that for many years.

I remember the moment very vividly when I just had enough.

May 7th, 2015- Ah Ha Moment

I worked hard for about 36months following a “clean” diet, saying no to nights out with friends, CrossFit by morning, sprints by night, and eating salmon and Brussel sprouts for days. I did this thinking it would make me happy when I saw the number on the scale i’ve been wanting. The day came to get those numbers tested; I listened to a guy break down my “numbers” and tell me what I needed to change after a body fat analytics dunk test. I walked out crying, frustrated, unsatisfied, and overwhelmed.

Started at 156 pounds 23% Body fat to 153 pounds 21% body fat within 6 months. These aren’t bad numbers. In fact those numbers sit in the category of “healthy”. So why were my emotions negative? I lost weight, ate healthy(at least I thought), worked out everyday.. but that wasn’t enough.

At that moment I realized the scale doesn’t tell my story. Searching for validation in numbers won’t make me happy like I thought. I tell my story. I make myself happy.

Within 365 days I’ve gained and lost a couple of things.

Before: Pictures                   After: Still a work in progress


May 7th, 2016

Gained confidence, happiness, knowledge, and motivation to name a few. Lost 18 pounds, 13-15% body fat, stress, and the unhealthy relationship with myself.  It goes well beyond the numbers. Shifting my focus was the real game changer for me. My goal now is to focus on happy fitness. By doing so I accomplished a number of things without the stress and agony I put on myself the prior year of focusing on the numbers on the scale.

Happy Fitness: Train with the mindset of joy, gratitude, and happiness in order to achieve happy health and wellness

Reflecting back on the past year I now understand why May 7th, 2015 happened. To think the last year has been easy is a bold statement. Its taken a lot of discipline, help from my peers, and trial and error—From different diets, training and routines I think I’ve found my niche for now. I’ll save my nutrition, training, and routine regime for another post.

Stay tuned 😉

After all, I am a work in progress. God isn’t finished with me yet.I search for validation in him; not others or numbers.

Psalms 138 14-15

The number on the scale won’t help you live a happy life, find your husband, make you a better friend, nor land your dream job.

You do you.


My New Journey-

Graduated from Texas State University 4 months ago with a B.B.A in Marketing concentration in Sales. I said would never go back. Still holds true, I am very happy with my career right now. Who wouldn’t enjoy working alongside your best friend(momma bear), coaching motivated individuals looking to improve their health and well being, and living in a beautiful town on the river. I am happy but I want more. I love to learn and stay busy so this opportunity will take care of that.

Let the journey begin—————Again

I have enrolled in an online nutrition program through Precision Nutrition Level One Certification Program. The certification teaches the new breed of fitness professionals the art and science of nutrition coaching. I’ve always been intrigued by nutrition and how it affects performance and your quality of life. Over the past two years I’ve dialed in my nutrition and tried a few methods/diets/fads/and supplements. What I’ve learned through that process is the most effective program and plan you can follow is the one that works for you. Oh and consistency. What can you attain and sustain? Are you willing to change?

I debated whether or not this is right for me, will it be worth it, can I keep up with it, and is it truly needed? In all honesty there is no right way in the fitness industry. It’s about just doing it. After research, praying, and asking myself in 5 years will I wish I did? After all,  I enrolled and I am very excited to see where the wind blows me. Diversifying myself as a CrossFit coach and soon to be a nutrition coach will only benefit myself and others. At 21 years young I’ve got the world ahead of me and the support behind me so I’m stepping out of the waiting room and following a passion I have for helping others through an array of ways which include health and fitness.

Nutrition is where people 1) need the most help and 2) will see the greatest results.

The fitness industry is still young…and so are you. Step out of the waiting room and into the office of your dreams.

Wisdom words of stepping out of the waiting room—

  • If you’ve got the energy, the drive, and the interest to do this work, you can eventually do it… no matter what you’re doing as a career now.
  • There is no one “right” path to success. In fact, there may never be. And I kinda like it that way. It means that possibilities are infinite. 
  • It means that you can find the path that suits you. The path that matches your experience, personality, character, and principles.
  • You can create your own unique path to the dream job you want.

Stay tuned for your details and more exciting news to come! If your interested in talking nutrition and learning about my experience with food/diets/supplements. Contact me through email/Facebook/Instagram. I’d love to help 🙂


Kelsey Flanagan (kflan523)

Whatever you are, Be a good one.



How to create healthy habits

Do you take time out of your day for a little peace and quiet for yourself? A time to do something you love everyday? What about a “healthy” habit that makes you happy? This can be done through an array of things. The point is do you do it?

If you would have asked me that question a year ago and I would say no. I didn’t take the time to take care of myself or invest my time in something that will prolong my life. Since then things have changed. I feel like everybody needs a little bit of this in their life for a prolonged healthy life. Healthy habits. If you agree read on. At the end of this I will explain my healthy habits that continue to improve my health and well being.

These are a few habits Americans make that aren’t so healthy.

40% of American eat dessert at least two times a week.

The average American spend more than 10 hours a day on an electronic device.

8% of American who set New Years Resolutions actually achieve their goals.

40% of Americans get less than the recommended 7-9 hours a sleep every night.

What is a healthy habit?

Healthy: good for your health

Habit: a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance.

There are multiple ways to create a healthy habit and reasons to do so.

Why should we create healthy habits?

  1. Overtime they can have a snowball effect on your health
  2. You’ll feel better, look better, do better
  3. It’s sustainable
  4. Improves longevity
  5. Creates a healthy lifestyle in a timely manner

How do I create a habit?

Pick something you feel like you need to improve on. This could be anything from your mood, health, goals, patience, weight, etc. Once you’ve established that don’t attack it. Instead, start slow and incorporate some habits listed below into your daily routine. Building slowly overtime will help you sustain this for a long period of time. Therefore it becomes second nature. It’s the kind of habit that attacks your weaknesses and makes you better. We as Americans tend to want change to happen overnight so we look for the fix. A fix is temporary. Why not create something that can last a lifetime?

Habits to increase your happiness for a prolonged life:

Social Free. Set your cell phone down during diner and family time. Especially when driving. 🙂 Set a window of time each day when you don’t have your phone.

Say your prayers. Regardless of religion. Be thankful and gracious to live each day.

Color your plate. Try to eat an array of colorful fruits and veggies a day. For example: asparagus, raspberries, and squash.

Go to bed early, wake up early. Get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Your days will be more productive.

Create list. Grocery list, to do list, goal list… Your friends, husband, boss, kids will thank you.

Eat breakfast. Don’t skip it. Just do it. Simple and healthy recipe below for egg muffins.


Quiet your mind and visualize. Wake up and dedicate 5 minutes to yourself. Each day try to increase the time you do this. Therefore this will become a habit.

The daily practice of visualizing your dreams as already complete can rapidly accelerate your achievement of those dreams, goals and ambitions.-Jack Candled

Find a hobby & practice it often. Plant a garden, begin to craft, cook diner at home, bake every Sunday, sing at a local establishment, read 1 book a month, color or paint a picture, practice yoga, write a story, walk your pet, shop, train for your first 5k, make candles, volunteer your time, work out, etc. Finding a hobby or your niche not only increases your happiness but will also decrease stress from your day to day routine.

**This list could go on I am just providing you with a few examples that I feel would benefit your health, nutrition, and wellness.

Below is a peek of a few of my healthy habits.These habits didn’t happen overnight. I am still a work in progress.

Kelsey’s Healthy Habits

  • ROM WOD upon waking, or just before bed. ROM WOD? Range of Motion. This is an online routine similar to yoga. Below is the link to learn more. I do this to optimize my range of motion, boost performance, and give myself a little quiet time each day. 


  • Allowing myself 30 minutes of social free each day. This is the biggest challenge of mine but I can say things are getting pretty serious because 30 minutes sometimes now becomes an hour. 😉 IT CAN HAPPEN! Its a process. 
  • Reflect on my day in a Q&A journal. Below is the link of the journal I use. 


  • Work out 6-7 days a week. Not everyday is CrossFit. I enjoy hot yoga, long walks/hikes, running, paddle boarding,  or a session or two at a globe gym to keep it varied. 
  • Pray. Say my prayers to thank the man upstairs for everyday I awake.

But hey if you are living happy, healthy, and carefree life already. Keep doing you. I would love to hear your regime and how you created your healthy habits.

Live to Learn

Love to Live




Words are everlasting

Cliche–yet effective

If you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all.

We’ve all heard it and most of us have said this phrase a few times to our friends and family members in our lives. A few exceptions apply. The exceptions DO NOT out weight the times when this phrase should be applied. Words are everlasting. What do I mean?

We throw words around as much as a ball is thrown at a baseball park. Plenty and forceful.

Plenty– We often say things without meaning or thinking. The words without meaning tend to be a waste of breath. Use that breath for a reason. A meaningful reason. Not all are blessed by the breaths we take advantage of. Plenty of us spend time critiquing ourselves and others, bashing some of our biggest fans, or plain and simple using that breath to be rude. This is life and this is a big bad world. Yes. But how can we tweak this world into becoming full of plenty people who speak words of encouragement, wisdom, and compliments? I challenge you. You know you love challenges 😉

Do one nice thing a day. Whether it be a compliment to a stranger or friend, paying for someones drink at the gas station, or as simple as letting the car on the highway change lanes. That small act of kindness could change/improve someones world. Change isn’t always the answer rather we just want to improve each day.

Forceful- Imagine being a catcher for Clayton Kershaw of the LA Dodgers who throws at a average speed of 92 MPG. His intentions aren’t to hurt the catcher, yet he throws with such force the catcher has to be trained to catch his fast ball each game.

Now in life we aren’t necessarily trained to “catch”/absorb words, criticism, and opinions all that well. We develop these skills we don’t train them. What I’m getting at is before we say “nothing nice” imagine yourself “catching” the word. Your intention may be light but the force behind a “nothing nice” word isn’t. Thats the nature of those kind of words. What kind of words am I speaking of? The everlasting ones. The words that hurt, damage, and destroy others.

What three words will you use forcefully instead next time?

I want you to ponder that for yourself. We are all different. Yet we are all the same. Create your world full of masterpieces.



As always.

Live to learn. Love to live. Consistently.


What’s a Zoat?? A bowl of delicious and nutritious oatmeal combined with shredded or chopped zucchini. Zoats can be a perfect way to start the morning or a post work out meal that will replenish and refuel your body. Much like the kale trend.. this is a must try before you knock it. Who would of thought we would enjoy a green smoothie so why not indulge in a healthy green bowl of Zoats.

I’ll share my favorite recipe for Zoats.. This recipe can be altered after all we tend to be a little different. 🙂



Blueberry Butter Zoats

Ingredients: Above you'll see my measurements in grams and oz. 

3/4 cup egg whites *Can substitute water or milk* 
1 cup of oats. I use gluten free rolled oats
1 cup of shredded or chopped zucchini 
1/4 cup of blueberries. *Banana & raspberries are also a great choice
1 TBS Sunflower butter. *Any nut butter will do the trick
Top with cinnamon, and a tsp of vanilla

Optional- Top with pecans, walnuts, almonds, raisins, shredded coconut
Optional for additional Sweetness- Stevia, Waldens SF Syrup, Agave Syrup
Optional for additional Protein- Yogurt, Protein Powder

My recipe above is gluten free, diary free, and vegan. The optional ingredients are for those who don't have an intolerance. 

1. Combine your egg whites, oats, and shredded zucchini, fruit, and nut butter in a microwaveable safe container or a mason jar. I find this order of ingredients to be the best. 
2. Enjoy your zoats cold or hot
3. Hot- Stir and microwave for 1:45 or until your egg whites are cooked
4. Cold- Seal your container and refrigerate overnight. Top with fresh berries, Enjoy!

As always I love hearing from you and your favorite recipes! Feel free to follow me on social and share your fabulous pictures of any creations you make. :)

Kelsey Flanagan

National Cabbage Day Recipe

Couldn’t have chosen a better day to share my recipe turkey cabbage skillet than to do so on National Cabbage Day! Thanks friends for all the tags on social making me aware that today is a day to celebrate my favorite vegetable… I may or may not eat a whole head of cabbage today 😉

There are many recipes out there for cabbage. Much like the endless list of shrimp recipes. Cabbage rolls, unstuffed cabbage rolls, cabbage soup, cabbage salad, sauteed cabbage, grilled cabbage..okay you get the point I guess.

Cabbage is like taking a multi vitamin. Food is medicine. Check out this link below for 6 reason why you should eat more cabbage.


Like other green vegetables, it is good source of many essential vitamins such as riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and thiamin. Replenish.

Turkey Cabbage Skillet


1 pound 90% or leaner ground turkey meat
1 small head of cabbage (chopped) approx. 3 cups
1 yellow onion, diced
1 cup mushrooms, chopped
2 cloves minced garlic
2 cups of diced tomatoes (stewed tomatoes optional)
1 cup of water
Sprinkle salt & pepper
* Serve on a bed of brown rice(optional)

1. Heat your large skillet over medium heat.
2. Add ground turkey, yellow onion, garlic and mushrooms. Cook until golden brown.
3. Slowly stir in the cabbage, tomatoes, and water.
4. Cover and reduce heat to simmer for 20-30 mins or until water is absorbed.
5. Serve over a bed of brown rice or as is. 

Enjoy :)
If you have any other recipes you would like to share with me. Find me on
social or email me at Kelsey_kat@hotmail.com

Rest Easy
Kelsey Flanagan