Lara Falardeau

So when Kelsey says, blood doesn’t lie, she’s not kidding. When I originally asked Kelsey to help me, it was focused on reducing stress and improving sleep. What she did for me was way above and beyond that! While I had a good healthy exercise regiment (Ashtanga practice 5 days a week), I lacked healthy eating habits. The paleo diet I’d been on seemed to work for the first few years, but then started adding weight to my core.

In short order, Kelsey put tons of veggies back in my diet and returned healthy fats. Needless to say, she was in constant contact, reminding me that veggies and protein were keys to my success. Within a week, my sleep had improved, I was amazed. In six weeks, I’d shed 6 pounds I didn’t know I needed to lose and was sleeping very well.

The real proof though is in my bloodwork. My Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol dropped from a ratio or 2.9 to 2.3 with my LDL dropping 21 points to a healthier 119. I can’t recommend Kelsey enough—no doubt this woman has added years to my life and provided me the chance to live a healthier, stress reduced, well rested existence…”

-Lara Falardeau


This lady is beautiful, determined, strong willed, and has been a pleasure to watch her blossom into an amazing healthy human being. Your existence has brought many smiles to my life.

-Coach Kelsey

Eat well. Live well. Sleep well. Feel well.