Liz Murray

Liz Murray.. Where do i begin…

Liz just being released by the Dr. after recovering from 2 herniated cervical discs, couldn’t run 200 m without feeling achy, or lift a 15 pound bar. She decided to change her life. She had no choice but to get STRONGER for herself, family, and health. Fast forward to today—- Ran her fastest 5k this Fall, lifts over 100 pounds 3x a week pain free, and decided to be more mindful of her food choices.

Read below to check out what Liz has to say about her journey thus far.

What are you most proud of? That I’ve stuck with it and I can do real pushups!!!
What has been your biggest challenge thus far? Drink and food choices in moderation. Once I changed my mindset and started calculating the blood sugar spike that would happen I realized it wasn’t worth it.
What motivates you to keep going? Knowing that if I don’t keep going genetics are going to catch up with me. I want to be strong. I want to be active. I want to live a long and healthy life so that I can enjoy life with my husband and daughter.
What advice/tips would you give someone who is looking to create a healthier lifestyle? Don’t let fear stand in your way. Be consistent! Make it a routine. No excuses. Find your tribe.
What were your biggest fears before your first day? That I would fail. That I wouldn’t follow through. The fear of failure is powerful.

How has nutrition played a role in your journey? It’s key! I went from knowing some of the basics of what I should eat to actually doing it. I’m still building on it and learning all the time. Letting go of the sugar, thinking about what I’m going to eat, and having a plan is huge!

What is your go to meal? Sweet potatoes, chicken, and a TON of broccoli!


Don’t quit. Push yourself. Find the drive within you. Love yourself. 
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